God will give you more than you can handle: I guarantee it.

I admit that I have quoted the verse in question many times, not realizing that it is not an actual Bible verse! However, it still gives me comfort to know that God does not allow any of us to go through trials alone. He is always with us!!

all our lemmony things

There’s a certain phrase I’ve come to really dislike.

All my life, I’ve heard this phrase whenever I go through a rough patch. *And by rough patch, I mean a prickly, gnarly patch that leaves me bleeding to near death*. You’re probably familiar with those kinds of “patches”.

“God will never give you more than you can handle” is the phrase I’m referring to.

more than to bear

And it’s a sweet sentiment, really. The people who say it are speaking from caring and concerned hearts.

BUT–it isn’t true.

I know that sounds harsh, but I promise I haven’t suddenly lost my mind or have become an angry-with-God bitter woman who hates the world. Actually, when I realized the simple fact that God can–and will–give us more than we can possibly bear, it got easier.

And it all started to make more sense.

I’ve often trudged through trials that overwhelm me. Ever since my…

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Monday mornings come around every week…

I don’t understand why Mondays have gotten such a negative reputation for oh, so many years. Sure, it marks the definitive end to a weekend, as well as the beginning to another week of working, but it’s also a chance to wipe the slate clean of any negative thoughts and behaviors and begin anew with plans, ideas, promises, and generally good thoughts. Once I began changing my attitude about Mondays, I began seeing the world in a different light.

I’m not saying that changing the way you think about Mondays is going to change your life, but who is it going to harm? I used to drag myself into work each Monday morning, still groggy from hitting the snooze button on my alarm multiple times, not looking forward to the upcoming week, and counting the days until Friday!  This was a time when I was working at a large insurance company, headquartered in Dallas, TX. Most of the employees were friends within the company, as well as out. We spent many weekend together, visiting various festivals all around the state, going to fairs, rafting the rivers, etc. It wasn’t until I was fired from that position that I realized how much I actually missed the camaraderie I had with my fellow employees, at least the ones in my department.

Suddenly, Mondays became much like any other day of the week for me, and I actually missed my alarm waking me, getting dressed, and going to work! I was forced to move back to Arkansas and into my childhood bedroom due to medical reasons. This happened 29 years ago, when  I was first diagnosed with  Multiple Sclerosis. I decided right then that I would not allow depression to overtake my outlook on life, and instead looked at each day as a new beginning. Each morning was a new day to learn more about the disease, a new day to educate someone about MS, and most importantly, a new day to be thankful to God for allowing me to wake up each morning!

I’m NOT saying that it was easy, because I missed my friendships in Dallas, and the work, which was actually giving me a purpose in Life! My purpose had changed drastically. Now instead of waking each morning with a shower, and dressing in business attire, I was often simply waking and dressing in sweat pants. I missed the Dallas traffic, and I never thought I would ever say that! I began once again putting God in my life, front and center, and thanking Him for each little progress I made in my physical therapy, instead of bemoaning the physical abilities MS had taken from me.

I know that it was no coincidence that a very good friend of mine in my hometown, lost her newborn to SIDS about this time. Talk about bringing me down to Earth! Not long after, I received a phone call from a friend in Dallas with news that a former co-worker and friend had passed from this life after battling cancer for several years. With these two losses so close to one another, I forced myself to battle my way out of the darkest hole that I had ever been in. My neurologist prescribed antidepressants  for me at this time, which helped eliminate the dark clouds that kept forming over me, and I tuned to God. I asked Him why? I prayed for understanding. But I never asked Him why me? I will get my answers when I reach the gates of Heaven some day. Until then I try to remain grateful for what bodily functions and capabilities MS has not taken away from me. Even though I am now battling breast cancer, and have no idea where this journey is going to take me, I remain grateful for each day I awaken and am blessed to be one of God’s children. Good is so good.

Adaptively Written

Thanks for stopping by my first blog! I’m hoping to learn a lot over these next ten weeks or so. The title is kind of a play on words, because I have had Multiple Sclerosis for 29 years now and I’ve been in a wheelchair for almost 10! Everything that I do must be adapted in some way to allow for my disability, and my very first book is at the publisher’s at this moment. So technically I hope to be able to claim being an author before too long! I once had a teacher tell me in  graduate school that I couldn’t really call myself an author until I am published! Hopefully I can call myself an author before Christmas! Enough about all that. I am 51 years of age, had MS since only a year out of college with my undergraduate degree (1986 if anyone’s curious), married for 24 years to my husband, have had two incredible daughters, and more pets than I can name! It’s not because I’ve forgotten their names, but rather that I don’t want to bore you!

I need readers, so I hope you will come back to see what I’m writing about. Some examples include: etiquette for dealing with disabled individuals, raising kids while handicapped, Breast Cancer (yes, I have that diagnosis also), and living in the country.

Nancy Wasson Wayland